Saturday, July 15, 2017

What I've Been Up To + The Prettiest Copies of the Anne Books EVER

Wow. Once again, it's been over two months since my last post! What sort of a blogger am I?! Not much of one, I'll admit. Although I suppose that I do have an okay excuse, as I have been pretty busy lately! For one, my family moved to a new house a couple of weeks ago--well, new to us, I should say! It's a gorgeous old home built in 1930, and I am in love with it. Historic homes have so much charm and character, don't they? (And according to my eight-year-old sister, old homes also have "history germs." Make of that statement what you will! Oh, the cute, hilarious things kids say sometimes. ;P)

Aside from moving, I've also been spending a lot of my spare time working on my Etsy shop, The Artist Stop. I sort of neglected it for a while, but over the past few months I've felt really inspired to make new items for it. So far I've listed quite a few new illustrated literary quotes, as well as some Disney quotes and inspirational quotes, all of which were so much fun to make! :)

Alright, I will put an end to my rambling now and get on to the real point of this post! So about a year ago, I came across the most beautiful copies of the Anne of Green Gables series ever (you might remember me mentioning them in this post). When I saw them, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful cover illustrations. I tried to find where I could purchase them online, but then I learned that because they were Canadian editions, they were rather hard to come by in America. Bummer! So instead, I just had to content myself by saving them to my Pinterest wishlist board... ;)

That is until I discovered that one could order them from Amazon Canada for a reasonable price (just under $50), which is exactly what I did a little over a month ago! And oh my goodness, they are even more gorgeous in person. ❤

I guess I should mention what editions these are! They are the Anne of Green Gables Paperback Box Set from Tundra Books (here's the link).  Don't you just love the pretty panoramic scene that all eight books make when they're lined up side by side?

I'm still not over how stunning and whimsical the cover artwork is! The illustrator, Elly Mackay, did a fantastic job. I just love the colors and lighting; I feel like they perfectly capture the mood of the series.

So, so cute! <3


So needless to say, I am so, so glad to have these beauties on my bookshelf! I mean, why not buy the prettiest editions you can find of your favorite book series? ;) If you're looking for a nice, pretty, and high-quality set of the Anne books, definitely check these out. (And no, I wasn't asked to review these or anything; I just wanted to rave about them on here for a bit!)

Which cover is your favorite? (I honestly can't choose just one!)
Do you like to collect pretty editions of your favorite books? (Is that even a question?)

I hope you're all having a beautiful summer so far!